“…admired by both her peers
and the faculty….a person of
great integrity and intelligence.”

Gilbert Kalish, American pianist

studio_photoFRANÇAIS    ENGLISHEliane Lust enjoys a distinguished reputation as an outstanding coach for very dedicated and advanced musicians. Participants in her global master classes include active professional performers, composers, recording artists, vocal coaches and accompanists, conservatory and college professors and private studio teachers.


“She is by far the best teacher I have ever had…first of all, inspiring and encouraging, always somehow bringing out my best work…she so sincerely wants her students to play their very best and believes in them, and because her own musicianship is so very outstanding, she understands how to achieve this on a practical level. She is helpful in the smallest details and unfailingly generous of her time, energy and knowledge…a truly remarkable teacher and invaluable mentor for me.”

PATTI DEUTER new music pianist, piano teacher

“Eliane Lust has a way of bringing out the best, always encouraging and motivating me at lessons. With her profound sense of the music, I am able to gain insight from such a high calibre performer that normally I would not have access to.”

MAD DURAN    recording artist, jazz saxophonist, flutist, composer, arranger, educator

“She clearly communicates ideas, concern and commitment to the highest ideal of musical expression as well as the development of each individual pupil…her approach is both practical and idealistic. A true artist, and even more amazing, a gifted teacher and role model. Her generosity is almost unparalleled in my experience.”

DR. ELIZABETH LEE    pianist: Trio Arcadia, accompanist

“Eliane is the real deal — a well-trained musician, passionate performer, rigorous coach and warm human being. Don’t miss a chance to experience her — either performing or conducting master class — you won’t be disappointed.”

DAVID MANLEY    Music Faculty: Cogswell College, pianist, piano teacher, music director, arranger

“Eliane is the teacher/coach that we all wish we had studied with…She is a brilliant master teacher and acclaimed concert artist who is devoted to integrity and beauty in music and in life…Her ability to combine intellectual understanding with joy and passion in the music is inspiring. Her quick and decisive style determines a fast pace of learning and technical mastery…as a result, she deftly coaxes and coaches each pianist far beyond their own expectations. I shall always appreciate the highest degree of devotion Eliane gives to each of us and to her music.”

ANNE HEATH OLIVER vocal accompanist, pianist, organist

“Eliane combines a no-nonsense approach to pedagogy with a passion for music-making that inspires her students to accomplish things they never thought possible… We’re incredibly lucky to have her.”

ROGER ROHRBACH composer, pianist, founder Pinna Records

“…a concert pianist who is also a brilliant pedagogue…her unusual ability to work through technical problems without resorting to formulaic methods and her quick analysis of a problem coupled with individually tailored suggestions for the solution all serves to foster technical mastery of the piano…Eliane is the rare pianist who has her root in both (19th & 20th) centuries…a virtuosic performer, she embraces the music of our time, combining the sensibilities of the great piano traditions of the past to shape the works of composers writing today. This has enabled me to feel connected to the past piano legacies while encouraging me to develop contemporary repertoire.”

MELISSA SMITH pianist, piano teacher, composer, accompanist

“…I have made greater progress in my piano playing than in any other comparable time period since I began playing twenty years ago. That is due primarily to the quality of Eliane’s teaching, and secondarily to the fact that I have been inspired by Eliane’s teaching……Eliane is remarkable for her commitment, intelligence, sincerity and intensity…her suggestions are always concrete and practical. I have also greatly appreciated Eliane’s commitment to the music and the instrument. Her artistic and professional integrity and sincerity have been an inspiration to me.”

LAWRENCE WAYTE Music faculty: University of Oregon Eugene, musicologist, composer

“I consider it a privilege to be a student of Eliane Lust’s. Her ability to communicate is extremely effective…she is articulate, energetic and focused, and she brings to (the lesson) a vast experience of both study and performance technique. She is a consummate professional…a teacher of the highest caliber.”

VERA YARDUMIAN pianist, piano teacher